Mitja Arzenšek is a German-born, Paris-based photographer whose images provide an intimate glimpse into the minds and worlds of his protagonists.

His attention to detail and his image construction reveal subtleties about the protagonist that speak much about the person in front of the lens.

His clients come to him from all horizons – from fashion to finance, from business to music, Mitja moves effortlessly in all of these worlds.

What kind of photos did you first want to make? 

Faces and fashion.  I loved looking at fashion magazines ever since I was a young teen.

What do you like about the different kinds of photos you make?

Fashion because I can build the image from the ground up.  Music because it reconnects me to my life as a musician.  Business because the people are often challenging to open up…

I enjoy the people, regardless of their background – I enjoy creating relationships.

How did you get started in photography?

When I was teenager, I got a job working as a tailor in the costume department of the Cologne Opera.  Although I admit it was not necessarily the best fit (I was not made for a 9-to-5 job),

I loved the work (and had a great relationship with my mentor).  I started hanging out in the dance studio watching the ballet company rehearsals.

I asked the director if I could start taking some pictures.  He loved them, then one thing led to the next…

Where do you work?

I work wherever I find myself – Paris, Cologne, San Francisco, India… the world is my studio!